At Dentists at Woodway, we are committed to providing specialized periodontic care to patients experiencing gum-related issues. Periodontics focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as the placement of dental implants. Our experienced team of dental professionals is equipped with the knowledge and technology to treat various gum diseases, ensuring the health and longevity of your gums and teeth.

Understanding Periodontics

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth, primarily the gums and the jawbone. The primary focus is on treating and preventing periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, which can range from mild inflammation (gingivitis) to more severe conditions (periodontitis). If left untreated, these conditions can lead to tooth loss and other serious health complications.

Our Periodontic Services

Our periodontic services include a range of treatments tailored to each patient’s specific needs. We start with a comprehensive examination to assess your gum health and identify any signs of periodontal disease. Our treatments may involve deep cleaning procedures like scaling and root planing, which remove plaque and tartar from beneath the gumline. We also offer advanced treatments for more severe cases, including surgical procedures to restore the health of your gums and supporting structures.

Benefits of Periodontic Treatment

  • Improved Gum Health: Our treatments effectively combat gum disease, leading to healthier gums.
  • Prevention of Tooth Loss: Early and effective treatment of periodontal disease can prevent tooth loss.
  • Better Overall Oral Health: Healthy gums contribute to overall oral health and can prevent other dental issues.
  • Aesthetic Improvements: Treating gum disease can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the gums and teeth.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, we invite you to give us a call at 832-667-8576 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jim D. Nored and learn more about periodontics in Houston, Texas. Our dentist and team are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of periodontic care, ensuring your gums and teeth remain healthy and strong.