Oral Biopsies

Our dentist and team are proud to offer oral biopsy services, a vital tool in diagnosing various oral conditions. Recognizing the importance of accurate diagnosis in oral health, Dr. Jim D. Nored employs advanced techniques to perform oral biopsies with precision and care. Whether you are dealing with unusual growths, lesions or other oral abnormalities, we are equipped to provide you with a thorough evaluation and precise diagnosis.

Understanding Oral Biopsies

An oral biopsy involves removing a small tissue sample from the mouth for detailed examination. This procedure is crucial for diagnosing conditions like oral cancer, benign tumors, cysts and other oral pathologies. An oral biopsy helps in understanding the nature of the abnormality, leading to an accurate diagnosis and guiding the appropriate course of treatment.

Your Oral Biopsy Procedure

Here at Dentists at Woodway, the oral biopsy procedure begins with a comprehensive examination of your oral cavity, where we closely inspect for any concerning areas. Depending on your specific case, we may conduct different types of biopsies, such as incisional, which involves removing a portion of the tissue, or excisional, where the entire lesion is removed. We prioritize patient comfort throughout the procedure, utilizing the latest dental technologies and techniques to ensure the process is minimally invasive and as effective as possible. After the biopsy, the tissue sample is sent to a specialized laboratory for an in-depth analysis, providing us with the necessary information for an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of Oral Biopsies

  • Definitive Diagnosis: Biopsies provide clear and definitive information about oral lesions, crucial for accurate diagnosis.
  • Early Detection: Early identification of conditions, particularly oral cancer, can significantly enhance treatment outcomes.
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: A precise diagnosis allows for the development of a more effective and personalized treatment strategy.
  • Peace of Mind: An oral biopsy can provide clarity and peace of mind regarding your oral health status.

Schedule Your Oral Biopsy Today!

If you have concerns about an oral lesion or abnormality, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing expert care and detailed diagnostics. Contact us at 832-667-8576 to schedule an oral biopsy in Houston, Texas, and take the first step towards understanding and managing your oral health condition.